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The Rawsome Chocolate logo on a pale green background.  Rawsome.  Raw, organic, vegan chocolate
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A bar of Rawsome Chocolate's flagship cashew mylk chocolate on a pale grey background, with a dusting of cocoa powder around it.  The bar is a glossy brown and can be snapped into triangular shaped pieces. Raw, organi, vegan chocolate.

All About Us

Rawsome Chocolate is a small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolate maker in the heart of Warwickshire.


Committed to the principles of raw, organic, and vegan production, they pride themselves on exceptional quality and ethical practices. At the heart of their operation lies a passion for sustainability, which is reflected in every aspect of their chocolate-making process.

Using Peruvian criollo beans sourced from agroforestry managed plantations, Rawsome Chocolate maintains a deep connection to the origin of their ingredients. Their core values extend beyond taste, ensuring the wellbeing of the environment and communities involved in the production.

So how do we make our vegan chocolate?  We only use the simplest ingredients with no lecithins or filler oils.  Our dairy free chocolate uses nut and seed mylks, organic, raw cacao and unrefined sugars, nothing else.

From the delicious bars to indulgent bonbons and seasonal delights, Rawsome Chocolate offers a diverse range of tantalizing options. With every bite, customers are transported into a world of ethical decadence, where taste and sustainability intertwine harmoniously.

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