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Melted Chocolate

All About Us

Rawsome Chocolate was born out of the desire to make delicious, healthy, dairy free chocolate using the best organic and single source ingredients available.  

Chocolate should put a smile on your face, make you feel special and do good on the inside and out. This means that apart from tasting fabulous, when you buy Rawsome Chocolate, not only are you supporting small businesses locally, but also the communities who grow and produce the cacao and sugar.

Our chocolate is raw.  It is minimally processed to keep it close to it's natural state and retaining all of it's natural goodness.  The cacao we use has been sundried, not heat treated.

Our chocolate is vegan.  We use minimal ingredients so the chocolate can sing out.  All of our cacao and sugar is organic and most of the other ingredients are too.

The result?  Our chocolate is delicious, nutritious and a fabulous treat that is doing good.  One bar goes a long way.

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76 Dunblane Drive
Leamington Spa
CV32 7TL


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